About Us

UM Catering considers it a privilege to be part of campus life, providing exceptional dining experiences and places for students to gather, study, socialize, grow, and live.

Our goal to provide you an exceptional dining experience with delicious, fresh foods, creative menus, and friendly, professional service.  Whether your occasion is a small continental breakfast or a gala reception for one thousand, our catering staff will provide a menu and service style to meet your budget.  Our catering menu features local and regional favorites and we're committed to customizing your dining experience to suit your unique occasion.


We are committed to creating menus featuring local food through the UM Campus Dining Sustainability Program while integrating sustainable best practices.  


Our catering staff is happy to meet with you to plan the details of your event, or you're welcome to explore our website for menus, policies, and pertinent logistical information. 



An easy guide to help you plan the perfect catered event. 


We offer a variety of options to fit your event needs. 


Ensure your special occasion is complete.


Serving exceptional food starts with finding the best ingredients. UM Catering knows that great ingredients come from farmers and ranchers who take pride in their products and treat their land and animals with care and respect. That’s why in 2003, Campus Dining started the Farm to College program—a local procurement program designed to bring more responsibly raised and grown Montana products to campus.


The Farm to College program not only means better food for our guests, it also means a better future for agriculture here in Montana.   

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Steak Entree
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