UMCD Policies and Procedures



The University of Montana retains the sole right to provide food service or exercise its Right of First Refusal at all University properties. These properties include, but are not limited to the University of Montana Missoula Main Campus, University of Montana Missoula College East and West Campuses, University of Montana Golf Course, and South Campus Housing facilities. University of Montana stakeholders, Campus Dining, area hoteliers, and private caterers, in negotiation through the Missoula Chamber of Commerce, have established a "Right of First Refusal Policy" agreement that states:

“UM Catering will not compete with community businesses for non-University related business off-campus and, in return, community hoteliers, caterers, and restaurateurs will not provide service on University of Montana campus.”  

The requirement that Campus Dining be the sole provider of food not only protects the university financially, but more importantly, assists us in making sure that all food served on campus is served safely. Individuals or groups who ignore this policy may find that campus liability insurance will not cover them if they have not followed the policy. They may find themselves personally liable in the case of an accident or outbreak of foodborne illness.

Organizations or individuals requiring food or beverage service in any facility at the University of Montana may not sell or serve food or beverage that is provided by commercial or domestic sources without approval of the following: UM Catering Manager,  the facility manager, and the director of Campus Dining. In some cases (see below) the organization or individual may be required to get a permit from Missoula City County Health Department.  

Consideration will be given on a case by case basis.  Campus Dining will consider granting a Right of First Refusal only under the following circumstances:

  • The request for Right of First Refusal has been submitted and approved a minimum of ten days in advance of the event

  • The event requires food or beverage service that cannot be reasonably provided by a Campus Dining

  • Campus Dining has been given the opportunity to procure the foodservice needed from existing University third-party vendors.

  • All food, beverage, and alcohol service must meet all applicable federal and state laws, local health codes, and UM Policies pertaining to the service of food, beverages, or alcohol for public consumption.

  • All food served on campus is subject to health inspection by Missoula City County Health Department, to ensure compliance with safe food handling procedures. Obtaining required permits from Missoula City County Health is the sole responsibility of the individual or organization requesting the right of first refusal. Please note that requests for permits often take at least two weeks

Campus Dining will provide a signed Right of First Refusal Form when it exercises its Right of First Refusal. The signed form must be present at the event when it takes place.



BAKE SALES – To qualify as a “bake sale” the event must be sponsored by a university department or ASUM recognized group:

  • All bake sales must be scheduled through the Event Planning Office located in the University Center, (406) 243-4114.   The sponsor must complete a “Request for Bake Sale Waiver Non-Profit Organization Temporary Food Service Establishment” form, available from the Missoula City-County Health Department, and submit it to the Event Planning Office prior to the event. Bake sales in the Missoula College building must be approved by the facility manager and the UM catering manager.

  • Food for public consumption must meet all Missoula City-County Health Department requirements.

  • All displayed baked food items must be either individually pre-wrapped with clear plastic or covered throughout the bake sale.  Tongs, plastic gloves, or other appropriate barrier must be used to dispense food.

  • Approved bake sale items include cookies, cakes, breads, fruit pies, and pastries that are not filled with dairy products and that do not require refrigeration.

  • The sale of any potentially hazardous food is prohibited at bake sales.  Potentially hazardous foods include pie with dairy products or eggs (such as pumpkin or lemon meringue pies), cheesecakes, meat-filled pastries, or non-dairy cream fillings, and high-protein foods.

  • Sandwiches are prohibited.



Potlucks held on campus must be for social gatherings and not for fundraising purposes, therefore potluck guests may not be charged a fee to participate in the event.  Potlucks must be through a University-affiliated group such as ASUM student groups, faculty, or staff.

  • Potlucks held in the University Center must be scheduled through the Event Planning Office and confined to a specific area. Potlucks held in the Missoula College buildings must be approved by the facilities manager and the Dean of Missoula College.

  • Potlucks may not be held in areas accessible to the public.

  • Participation must be restricted to members, spouses, families, and/or guests of the University of Montana affiliated groups.

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

  • Participants must furnish their own service ware (i.e., plates, silverware, utensils, paper goods, cups, napkins, etc.), or rent service ware from a private business. 

  • Sponsoring groups may not advertise the potluck publicly.  Notification is limited to word-of-mouth only.

The event sponsor, who must be in attendance at the potluck, is responsible for the safety and wholesomeness of the food served, subject to the published “Guidelines for a Safe Event Involving Food,” published by the Missoula City-County Health Department (available from UC Event Planning).

(Examples: Food samples, donated food products, and all donated alcohol)
  • Donated food and/or beverage must be for a University-affiliated event.

  • All food must be provided by a licensed vendor and delivered to the client without charge.  The client must provide documentation of the donation from the licensed vendor.  When the event is scheduled, a menu must be provided to the UM Catering Manager and the Facility Manager. A Right of First Refusal form must be completed and submitted for approval, which includes a complete list of donated products for the event.

  • UM Catering will charge appropriate fees for the service of donated food and beverages.

  • All food and beverage must meet all applicable federal, state, and local codes pertaining to the service of food and beverage for public consumption.

  • The client must prominently display a sign at the event which states that the products have been donated and by whom.

  • The client will be responsible for all safe food handling procedures, proper storage and delivery, service (where applicable), and removal of any remaining product, with the exception of any alcoholic beverages which must be delivered to and served by UM Catering staff (UM Alcohol Policy).

  • If UM Catering is not serving the food, a permit may be required by Missoula City County Health Department to serve donated food. Obtaining a permit from the Missoula City County Health Department is solely the responsibility of the client.



Groups wishing to serve food and charge a fee for events that are not open to the general public must apply for and receive a “non-Profit Organization Temporary Food Service Establishment” permit from the Missoula City County Health Department.  Missoula City County Health Department requires this form to be completed at least two weeks prior to the event.  The event must also be registered with the manager of UM Catering, the director of Campus Dining and the manager of the facility where the event is to be held. These events are subject to inspection by the Missoula City County Health Department.